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Salisbury Support 4 Autism

Providing help, care and support for those touched by autism

About Salisbury Support for Autism

Our Services

We offer a wide range of specialist support services to people with autism and their families.

Salisbury Support 4 Autism offers specifically designed services to adults on the Autistic Spectrum (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), requiring complex needs and symptomatic of challenging behaviour which require care and support in a progressive life-long learning environment.

We provide an autism-friendly service with resources and opportunities that enable individuals to maximise their strengths helping them to live in a safe, motivating and adapting environment. The support we provide is individualised and person-centred.

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What We Do

Residential Care, Supported Living, Respite and Outreach Support

Salisbury Support for Autism helps autistic individuals achieve their potential. Assistance is available for the families of individuals with autism depending on the medical diagnosis of the individual and how they are being impacted by the condition.

Adults with autism frequently find changes in their routines incredibly difficult to handle, which can lead to extreme anxiety and distress.

Throughout these challenging times, our group is continuing to support adults with autism, and their families.

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Positive Behaviour Support

Promoting growth & independence

Salisbury Support 4 Autism is a person-centred organisation that fosters independence and self-advocacy for adults on the Autism Spectrum.

We are committed to providing an enriched and positive environment, quality programs and integrated support network for families and caregivers all of which are designed to promote growth, independence, and social interaction.

Salisbury Support 4 Autism utilises a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach to support adults on the Autism Spectrum reach their greatest potential.

Improving the lives of autistic people

Growing with us

Salisbury Support 4 Autism Ltd. was founded by Maynard Harry, with the close support of with Jenine Hirst, Chief Operating Officer with the main aim to provide the highest quality of care and support to individuals on the autistic spectrum, complex needs and challenging behaviour.

Salisbury Support 4 Autism are extremely proud of our organisation and the contingency in place to further to support it. We aim to provide the highest standards of quality and service in everything that we do.

Financial benifits

Financial benifits & support

If yourself or a loved one are on the Autistic Spectrum and require additional support, you may be entitled to financial benefits from your local council. Find your local council here.

If you are asking regarding a child,  then enquire at your nursery or school – speak to teachers or special educational needs (SENCO) staff.

If at college or university then speak to student support services. And if in the workplace then speak to your manager and human resources (HR)  (