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Easter Egg Colouring – Kelly

When we arrived at Heathrow’s special needs farm for Kelly’s work experience she was asked if she wanted to join in an Easter Egg Colouring in a competition where she could win a prize if placed.

Kelly asked if she could take it back to our day service to colour and bring back the following week, which she did. When we went back Kelly was given some sticky tape so she could place it on the competition wall where she liked and it will be judged at Easter.

We went back a few weeks later and the receptionist came up to Kelly and said ‘remember the Easter competition and the beautiful colouring you did, congratulations Kelly you won 3rd place’. Kelly was very proud of herself and asked what she had won, it was a milk chocolate Easter egg, Kelly said thank you and agreed to have her picture taken with her egg for the farm’s wall of winners. She was very excited and couldn’t stop smiling, well done Kelly, great job!

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