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AKO Autism Expo – 12th March 2016

Yet again SS4A achieves its vision of raising awareness of autism and offering its expert support to make life easy for autistic individuals and their families, by participating in AKO Autism Expo at Brunel University.

The company had a stand at this memorable event dedicated to give knowledge of various services, tarinings available for people with autism and brief consultancy from its behaviour specialist. The company realises the obstacles that an autistic individual and his/her family faces throughout their lives and how difficult it is to live with autism.

The company’s dedicated stand at the event aiming to offer support for these obstacles, helped many autistic individuals and their families by giving important information and knowledge on company’s services like person centred care, positive behaviour plans, supported living, residential home, day centre, support groups for parents and autistic people, consultancy from behaviour specialist, autism and other trainings, advice on benefits and accessing social services etc.

Company offered brief consultancy from its behaviour specialist aiming to discuss one behaviour issue for people with autism at the event and chance to register for further behaviour assessment. Many parents found the stand very helpful and praised company’s efforts and services with lots of complements.

At one point during the conversation, a couple of an autistic daughter left the stand with these words, ‘we would have missed a lot from event if we did not visit you.’ The clear and concise leaflets on company’s services and trainings added more value to the company’s stand.

Soon after event’s opening, the company’s stand became busy with people and professionals who attended the event and they were benefited by excellent professional skills and competency of company staffs in addressing inquiries and educating people about autism and its impacts, as well as help and services available for people with autism and their families. Most of the people who attended, registered their interest in various company services.

Last but not the least, the cupcakes, printed pens and cups became a good matter of interest for autistic individuals and others and were complemented by many visitors.

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