Jack is a young man that has a Diagnosis of Autism and is also registered as deaf.  Jack moved in to Burdon Lane just over 2 years ago.  It is a property with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in Sutton.  It boasts an outdoor heated swimming pool and an activity room, where the individuals we support enjoy various art and craft activities as well as playing games or just use to enjoy a simple spot of relaxing.

Jack has achieved so much during the short time we have worked together and is very proud of himself, rightly so.  Jack has also taught me so much about myself and my own abilities and passions.

When I was initially asked to be Jacks keyworker; I was unsure on how I would do this as I had never been a key worker for anyone that was deaf before and I worried that I didn’t have the skill he required.  My manager encouraged me and helped me reflect on the rapport that Jack and I had developed so quickly in my induction weeks.

Well Jack showed me inspiring patience and increased his written communication to support me whilst I learned how to sign and he taught me how best to support him.  It was tough at times and I felt honoured that he afforded me so much patience but we also had lots of fun and he often teased me when I made silly mistakes in my signs!

As time has progressed we have formed a strong and trusting relationship, which has helped us both but specifically enable him to make real achievements in his goal of developing his skills and becoming more independent.

Jack 1st Haircut

Until recently, Jack has only allowed his mum to cut his hair.  However, through the use of social stories and Jacks trust in me, he has now made visiting the barbers a part of his monthly routine and not only that he looks forward to it.20

The barbers were great and exercised great understanding when Jack first visited, going at his pace.  Jack was not rushed even with waiting customers and always show genuine pleasure to see him. It didn’t take him long to start teaching them, beginning with Thank You in British Sign Language.


Jack’s Stall

Amongst his other skills Jack is very creative and loves to be active so we looked at how he could combine these qualities and put them to good practical use and benefit him.21

After trialling some things, Jack found a love for making his own soaps, candles, bath salts and lavender bags which he now sells from his own stall at the North Cheam Friday market. Jacks first day as a market stall trader was a great success. Thanks to all of his hard work. This experience has not only gained jack valuable work experience and new skills but has also enabled him to build a CV with successful work experience demonstrating other skills he possesses such as initiative, drive, hard work, people skills and the ability to focus.

Jack made a big decision to leave home to achieve his dreams, he has achieved these faster and bigger than he initially planned.  He is so proud of himself and clearly has so much more to achieve and succeed in.

I am so proud of Jack and all of his achievements as are the whole team and his Mum.  He has achieved so much in such a short space of time.

Whilst I am proud of Jack, I am also proud of myself but know that my developing skill and confidence is down to the continued support, development and training that I have received during my employment here.

I sincerely believe in our future as an organisation and our ethos.  We will continue at all levels to provide the right support to enable a high quality of life to be enjoyed by the individuals we support.

I am proud to be part of a team that genuinely cares, values all staff members and commits to constant improvement and learning.

Michael Charsley

Level 2 Support Worker


All information shared is with Jack’s consent who is excited to know others will see his success and hopes that sharing his achievements may inspire even just one other…