Makaton has been used since 1970 and we believe it is a great way to boost people’s confidence and communication skills.

Makaton is a method of communication using signs and symbols and is often used as a communication process for those with learning difficulties.The best way to learn Makaton is to undertake Makaton training or attend a workshop. It means that you learn with other people, receive feedback on your signing and symbol work, share your experiences, and enable you to practice with others.


Participating at a BBQ

At Salisbury Support 4 Autism Ltd. all our staff members have Makaton training. Makaton is a much simpler way of communication, and to help our individuals improve their communication skills, we use Makaton on day to day bases when interacting with them.

We strongly believe that Makaton encourages sociability.

We encourage our individuals to use Makaton signs as a way of using correct communication with others, rather than using challenging behaviour, as it happens occasionally.

Makaton reduces frustration as our individuals find a more appropriated way to communicate their needs and emotions.

Our training is delivered to new staff members when they are in probation and refreshers are done every year.