Welcome to Support for Family and Professionals

The objective of this service is to provide parents and carers with an understanding of the disorder and reassure them that there are positive steps they can take to address developmental needs of adults with autism.

It is important for parents and carers to understand that challenging behaviour exhibited by people in the autism spectrum is usually an attempt to communicate their feelings or to cope with their own anxieties.family

Understanding the causes of such behaviour allows parents and carers to develop corresponding solutions and strategies to effectively manage them. We strongly believe that parents have an important role to play in reinforcing the work that we do. They can be the best resource for understanding the causes of the behaviour and for learning strategies that support adults with ASD.

Through Salisbury Support 4 Autism’s family support services, parents are supported in their efforts to regain balance in their life and in parenting an adult with autism. All of our services are aimed at helping parents and carers to share experiences, to connect with each other, and to access professional resources.

Family support services that Salisbury Support 4 Autism offers include:

Education and Training Options for Parents

Salisbury Support 4 Autism is passionate about the power of learning and information. We know that raising and caring for an adult with autism can be an incredible challenge. In addition to delivering exceptional services, we provide families and carers with cutting-edge training and resources designed to positively impact the lives of individuals living with ASD.

Get Involved

We have year-round trainings, workshops and consultation opportunities for you to attend. We encourage parents to make the most of each training or meeting – share concerns, voice your suggestions, and connect with other parents during this process.

Communication in Autism:

  • Understanding communication of people in the autism spectrum
  • Methods of communications
  • Barriers of communication
  • Communication systems

Communication Passport:

  • How to create a communication passport to help others understand the person with communication difficulties (e.g. about me, supporting me and communication)

Visual Aids for People in the Autism Spectrum:

  • Visual systems to help people in the autism spectrum to improve their expressive and receptive communication
  • Timetables, sequence strips, waiting, transitions, rules, token economies, social stories, emotions, pain, key ring, choosing, and many others.

Autism, Challenging Behaviour and Communication System

  • Sign language, pictures, visual Aids

For further information on these and other services please contact 0800 368 9433 or email to info@SS4Autism.com.

To find out more about our current events or to register your attendance, please visit our events calendar.

Access Professional Resources

Salisbury Support 4 Autism provides parents and professionals with specific resources and tools to guide you through some of the more complex matters from your first concern to action. You’ll find lots of advice in this section of our website.



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