Salisbury Support 4 Autism offers a specialist behavioural and communication consultancy service to provide practical advice about how to make reasonable adjustments to your home, service or classroom, and to your own, or your staff’s behaviour towards and communication with clients on the autism spectrum. Get to know our team.

Our Consultancy Package

Our consultancy packages include:

  • an initial telephone consultation in order for our consultants to gain an understanding of the situation and to agree a plan and timescale for future consultation
  • discussions with all relevant staff/ family members
  • observations of staff/ family member(s) interacting with a person on the autism spectrum
  • an environmental appraisal – evaluation of the working/ living environment
  • an evaluation of processes and procedures relating to how staff/ family member(s) communicate and behave towards people with autism
  • a written report detailing recommendations of strategies; techniques; changes to the environment or changes to behaviours, supported by a verbal discussion
  • developing and introducing alternative communication systems, as appropriate to the needs of the individual

Training can be delivered in addition to report and verbal discussion, either from one of our comprehensive pre-designed packages or designed with your team, and around the individual. (This will be provided at a cost of our Tier 1 training rate).

*Travel is included within the greater London area, any additional travel will incur a 50 pence per mile fee, unsociable hours’ fee may apply for late night or weekend assessment.

Our consultants will advise on a recommended amount of time for the consultancy process, depending on the complexity of each individual case.

Communication and Visual Support

Additional requests for support around the development of visual or communication systems or aids will be processed by the consultancy and training team. Please advise us your requirements and our team will devise these systems. (This may incur a separate fee, this support is independent of our consultancy services).

For further information on these and other services please call 0800 368 9433 or email to