Salisbury Support 4 Autism specialises in working with those on the Autistic Spectrum that display high levels of challenging behaviour based upon a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) model. Our high calibre staff have a good understand autism and work successfully with individuals who express behaviour that challenges. Salisbury is committed to the use of non-aversive approaches in the management of challenging behaviours. Staff have the necessary training to manage violent and aggressive behaviour, where this is potentially a danger to themselves or others.

The core features of autism are areas in which difficulties can lead to feelings of frustration, confusion, anxiety or lack of control, resulting in maladaptive behavioural responses. Since behaviour is often a form of communication, many individuals with autism voice their wants, needs or concerns through behaviours, rather than having the ability to functionally communicate that need.

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support, is based upon the scientific understanding of behaviour through “Applied Behaviour Analysis” based upon a strong values base, which focusses on teaching functional skills to replace challenging behaviour and the reduction in aversive or punishing approaches. Salisbury believes in a preventative rather than reactive approach to challenging behaviour.

Most behavioural interventions focus on the manipulation of antecedent events and teaching functional ways for people to make their needs known without the need to engage in challenging behaviours. Detailed Positive Behaviour Support Plans, risks assessments and guidelines are based upon a thorough assessment and understanding of an individual. These are regularly updated to reflect the person’s circumstances.

Positive Behaviour Support and Autism training are delivered by our in-house behavioural specialist who supports staff in their understanding of the individuals they work with, and through direct support, ensures PBS Plans and interventions are suited to the needs, wants and wishes of the individual. The Behavioural Specialist manages the PBS Policy for the company and ensures our ethos of proactive and positive behavioural support is ingrained in our staff culture.

MAPA (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression)

Salisbury Support 4 Autism, utilises a BILD accredited MAPA® programme, which delivers comprehensive training that teaches management and intervention techniques to cope with escalating behaviour in a professional and safe manner. The programme delivers a solid foundation based on the philosophy of providing the best Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM for staff and those in our care that:

  • Focuses on prevention, deceleration and avoidance.
  • Addresses the risks of physical interventions.
  • Teaches safe, non-harmful interventions.
  • Offers proven post-incident strategies to prevent future crises.

Salisbury Support 4 Autism has a robust system in place in regards to the use of restrictive physical intervention, which follows the guidance of Positive and Proactive Care: reducing the need for restrictive interventions (DoH, 2014) this report identifies actions that will improve people’s quality of life which should then reduce the need for restrictive interventions. It sets out ways to know who is responsible for making these improvements, including effective governance, transparency and monitoring. Salisbury Support 4 Autism is committed to providing a safe environment for individuals, where they can learn self-management and functional skills, with focus and emphasis on their freedoms, rights and psycho-social development, so that the person is able to live a more valued, fulfilled life with better access to services.