Tuesday, March 3, 2016

I am single parent with five children, two of which are Autistic. I always felt that there wasn’t enough support in my local area. There are so many parents with special needs children that feel restricted and on their own. It’s a really difficult and lonely job being a full time carer to a child with Autism or any other disability .

A group of us decided to create a support group for all parents/carers with children with Autism. We want to support parents in the local areas, provide a warm and welcoming group so that we could all listen to each other’s experiences and offer our support and professional advice.
We so far we have discussed lots of different topics. The group is flexible so any topic brought up by a parent will be welcomed.

Hopefully we can bring awareness to the local area so people will become more understanding to our children’s behavior whilst we are out. It is so important that our children have their independence but in a safe and understanding environment.

The support group is held at Salisbury support 4 Autism who are fantastic. They provide a warm and welcoming area for our group.

If you would like more information or to attend to any of our support group sessions, please email us on autismgroup66@gmail.com



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