At Salisbury Support 4 Autism, there are always opportunities for those seeking to develop in-depth skills as we believe that education is the key to boost up our knowledge and open our minds. We facilitate staff studies and training intended to provide professional knowledge and the development of expertise in many areas of autism.

On successful completion of training and studies, staff members should be able to:

  • demonstrate professional knowledge around a conceptual ASD perspective
  • promote the physical and emotional well-being of people living with autism
  • apply positive perspectives to professional practice in an area of specialised knowledge
  • utilise specialised knowledge to facilitate community participation of people living with ASD
  • apply research, problem solving and evaluation skills to professional practices.

Our diplomas aim to:

  • broaden the professional opportunities of our staff and assist them in becoming knowledgeable, effective and respected professionals in their chosen field
  • prepare staff with specialised knowledge that can be applied to support the participation and contribution of people with diverse needs
  • provide an effective pathway for those who seek to upgrade their specialised education to specialise in the specific area of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If you would like to find out more about our staff training programme, please call 08003689433 or email to