Wednesday, December 12, 2015

unnamed (3)Salisbury Support 4 Autism Recipient of A 2015 RAID Annual Award

We are proud to announce that Salisbury Support 4 Autism has received an award from the Association of Psychological Therapies, the 2015 RAID Annual Award for work in challenging behaviour. The award was established to keep people ‘enthused’ about working with challenging behaviour, enabling those who often exhibit such behaviour to lead rewarding lives for themselves and those around them.

Salisbury Support 4 Autism is an organisation providing complete living support for adults with Autism Spectrum. The recipient of the 2015 RAID Award is a recognition for organisations working with challenging behaviour that merits it, thus qualifying them to be able to put the words “Recipient of a RAID 2015 award for working with challenging behaviour” on their letters/emails. The benefit of receiving such an award is primarily in satisfaction and status. The tangible benefit is in the form of a certificate, which states the organisation’s receipt of the award.

The basis for the award does not only necessarily require the standards of the RAID Approach during the assessment/intervention, it also welcomes anything new in favour of the client.

Areas scrutinised include:

  • Description of an assessment/ intervention with a patient or a group of patients
  • The effective and positive approach of the assessment or intervention
  • What inspires other people who read it to also implement ideas in their practice
  • Other written case studies or research papers
  • Service user testimonials or other written materials that supports the purpose.

The awards are made annually, and entries submitted are retained and examined shortly after the closing date.

Judges’ overall remark: A simple clear strategy which improves the quality of life not only of the client but also those around him. Including the staff.

Anyone can view our entry here.

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